Computer Vision and
Object Tracking

Software tools to track arbitrary or specific objects in realtime.
Built from the ground up to run on resource constrained devices.

User Defined Tracking

Give users the ability to select or draw a box around any object they want to track.

Useful in Mixed Reality applications, and “follow me” features for consumer drones and gimbals.

Detection Defined Tracking

Automatically track specific objects without user input using our Detection Defined Tracking.

Great for tracking a specific toy, animal, or maybe even a surfer! Use one of our out of the box detectors, bring your own, or ask us to build one custom for your application.

Object Detail Refinement

Get contours and a detailed mask of objects in the scene or of objects being tracked.

Use Cases

Drones & Robotics

Keep an object in frame, or track and interact with with particular objects.

Mobile Devices

Make AR games and experiences interactive by overlaying content on moving objects in the real world.

Mixed Reality Headsets

Use devices like Vive Pro, Hololens and Magic Leap. Track objects in the scene and overlay digital content.

Embedded Systems

Integrate our tracking into camera based embedded systems, whether it’s RGB or RGBD.


Unity SDK

Publicly available. Easily develop cross platform applications.

see the SDK >


Useful in embedded and robotics devices. Contact us for more info.

Native iOS SDK

Develop natively on any Apple devices. Contact us for more info.

Native Android SDK

Develop natively on any Android device. Contact us for more info.

Contact Us

Looking at one of our private SDKs, or a custom detector? Just interested in talking computer vision? Teleidoscope has years of experience developing computer vision pipelines. Let us know what you're looking to do and we'll be in touch!